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Gene's Dream Team

Chief Strategy Officer, Silvia Gonzalez

Silvia Gonzalez

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Chief Strategy Officer

Oversight, Planning and Support for Eugene's Engagement with External Stakeholders.

Contributing Writer & Editor, Dave Ficere

Dave Ficere

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Contributing Writer and Editor

Author, Editor & Audiobook Narrator.

Bringing Your Story to Life

Digital Marketing Consultant, Julia Maldonado
Julia Maldonado
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Digital Marketing & Publisher

Communications, Website Design & Social Media Management

Prayer & Support Lead, Elvira Calizaire
Elvira Calizaire
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Prayer Support Lead

Elvira Calizaire Ministries

Minister & Counselor

Research Coordinator, Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson

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Research Coordinator 

Research, Data Entry, Proofreading, and Transcription.

Artist & Book Cover Design, Kima Lenaghan

Kima Lenaghan

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Book Cover Design & Concept

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